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RE: [IP] D-Tron Plus....good buy?

I understand the size issue, however, when I compared all pumps I decided
for the D-Tron Plus.
The Paradigm has a proprietary system rather than a luer lock, that was one,
and a luer lock gives you the freedom to use anyone's infusion sets. I liked
the idea of being able, if I understand this correctly, to be able to
program several basals right on the computer and download it to the pump
when needed. You can also use Lilly's Humalog cartridge with this unit.

I compared and compared, features and customer service. I went back in the
Insulin Pumpers archives and used the search to cover things like
"occlusions, bent cannulas, performance, etc"
and then I called the companies. I know many people have no problems with
Medtronics but that was not my experience. When I finally got to talk to a
salesman, after calling many times and holding, he didn't know the
difference between the luer lock and prorietary, the reservoir and insulin
questions. He just didn't know the product and that was anything but

I also really like the idea of having a back-up pump on hand, just as I have
a back-up meter because electronics are electronics in my opinion. I decided
on the Disetronic and they are being exceptionally helpful. In fact, the rep
in Chicago used to work for the competition and Margaret Crary, the cde,
seems to understand the problem that food allergies add to the lovely
variables with diabetes. I'm looking forward to working with the company and
another lady called me this morning from their headquarters and asked me if
I had any particular questions. Choose the pump that best suits your needs
and compare all the features before deciding. Good Luck.


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I'm still deciding which pump to buy for me and my son.  I'm leaning towards
the D-Tron Plus.  I had clinical Services Manager come to my house to show
me the pump.  I know her because she too is T1 and we have the same Endo.
What I like about it is that I get 2 pumps for the price of 1.  What I don't
like about it is the size.  All other features seem to be ok.
I would like to get some feed back from D-Tron Plus users.  What do you like
and dislike about your pump and are you happy with your choice?
I wouldn't mind getting some info from other pump users what made you decide
on the pump you have

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