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Re: [IP] I am so sick of this!!!


You sure have a lot to deal with!  You are a striking example of why we need
universal health care.

The trustee of your father's trust should be amenable to eye care and dental
care.  I'd advise that as the first step.

Perhaps you can try going back to Social Security and getting your death
benefits changed over to disability benefits.  It might get you on to
Medicaid.  Doctors get paid, (including eye and dental) but you still have
to put out for medicines.

On the medicine angle, I would be visiting Canada every month or so.  Their
drug prices are much cheaper.

Ashley, I'm sorry to say that you are living proof that no bad you feel, if
you look around there is someone worse off.

Good luck


> Why am I being puynsihed for getting diabetes and having 2 dead parents?
> there anyone or anything that will help?  I will not live like this
> Why can't I just be normal?  oh, someone please help me
> Ashley
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