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[IP] Reactions to using Insulin when diagnosed.


Regarding the posting on the SIL (sister in law) that would not accept that
a newly diagnosed kid need to be put on insulin.

When I was diagnosed, after I made the Dr repeat himself ~5 times (I kept
asking what?  I have what?  are you sure?) I was in such shock.  Then he
said he was prescribing Insulin to be started the same day (the sooner the
better.)  My eyes got watery and said (please remember that I knew nothing
about diabetes and I am the first and only one to have it in my family):
"I do not want to go blind, I do not want to use insulin. Can't I use
something else, why insulin?"  All I had ever heard was that this guy,
friends of friends, went blind.  The other thing I knew of him is that he
used insulin.  I associated both to mean if you use insulin, you go blind. 

Needless to say that the Dr. had to spend some time calming me down and
explaining that it is when you do not use insulin or enough of it, that you
go blind (and many other complications that he figure better not mentioned
since I was already too emotional) or die.

I now, after reading 4-5 books on the subject, reading as many reports as I
can get my hands on, and getting myself the best way to treat/manage my
disease (Insulin Pump) laugh at my reaction that first day.  

The SIL, in the original posting, does not seem too quick to learn new
information but if I reacted the way I did, I can't imagine how people that
are not close to it at all (a kid's friend is really not the SIL's problem)
would react.  She is probably not too interested in actually learning
factual information about the disease (even if her husbands sister has
it)Ther is really no need in her closed mind.  It might be different if it
was an immediate family member (like her own child or husband) that was
diagnosed.  She might then be motivated to learn about it and get outside
her closed mind mentality.

It is frustrating how uninformed people are about it.  At least she is not
in the medical field.  It really gets me upset when Drs., nurses, and
medical people that should know about it act/react just as bad or worse as
people that have had no medical education.  The worse part of it that the
uniformed medical people do even more harm since uniformed people around
them take their word as gospel.

Have a good day,
Best regards,
Eloisa and Bombita (MM's Paradigm)
T1 dx 2/11/02 pumping since 6/02
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