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[IP] I am so sick of this!!!

It is not my fault for getting diabetes when I was 7!  Why must I pay 450.00
dollars a month so I can be covered by insurance?  I am 25, a student, and
engaged.  I have BCBS of missouri and have to live like a nomad so I can have
health coverage.  My dad jusat dies and my mom died right before I was
diagnosed, so I am on my own.  I can't handle being a student with diabetes
and dealing with insurance companies.  I am sick of them having me on a leash.
Are they trying to make me so miserable that i just want to die?  I can't just
get any ol' job.  I am visually impared, can't drive at night, can't read
small print.  So what- now do I get a job full time at kindercare and get paid
20 grand a year and quit school?  I have my dad's truse, but it is in the
hands of the bank- and I don't see much.  My mouth hurts because 5 years ago,
I needed my wisdom teeth pulled.  I need an eye check up, but with my co pay,
I pay 140.00.  I can't handle this anymore.  Someone PLease help me.  Why
can't i find an insurance that costs LESS than my mortgage payment?
Why am I being puynsihed for getting diabetes and having 2 dead parents?  Is
there anyone or anything that will help?  I will not live like this anymore.
Why can't I just be normal?  oh, someone please help me
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