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[IP] A couple of questions

Hi all!

I got my Ultra Smart!!!!  I am so excited!!!!  Now I am waiting for the
strips to arrive from MeckMedco (1-2 days now.)  I asked my Dr to write it
out as tests 8 times per day so they are sending 14 boxes of 50 each.  I
can't wait for them to arrive.  If anyone knows of another way to get the
$20 link up cable for these meters, please let me know.  I never have used
or visited 'e-bay' but I am wondering if this a type of thing they would
have?  I will have to check tonight or this weekend.

Second question:
Does anyone use the insurance Cigna (sp?) PPO or HMO?  I am going to have
the chance to switch to it and would like to find out how pump-friendly are
they and how are their co-pays for prescriptions?  

I might get a chance to pay very little for premiums (through my partner's
new job) for it but right now, with my insurance, I get 100% covered on my
pump supplies and $12, $40, $70 copays for the prescription (depending on
its tier) but my premiums are pretty high through my work.  

Please feel free to give me any feedback on either of the questions. 

Best regards,
Eloisa and Bombita (MM's Paradigm)
T1 dx 2/11/02 pumping since 6/02
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