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[IP] Question regarding infusion sets

Hello everyone,

I really appreciate those that have answered questions for us, new to

I have another question and a comment and hopefully some of you can help me
to understand this subject better.  Many of you mention that the reason for
switching infusion sets or for getting a different depth of cannula is
because of "hitting muscle".  How would you know if you were hitting muscle?
My son, 10 years old, is rather lean, but he seems to have enough sub-q fat
on his waist, hips and buttocks. I have not noticed a bend or crimp when we
remove the sets.  I am still wondering if our infusion set depth is too deep
or not deep enough.  We use the Quick Set - 9mm.  My question arises from
this:  a day of great BG's and then all of a sudden a reading  in the 300's,
then another couple of good readings, and another reading of high 200's.  I
am watching the food he eats, there is not a pattern there as far as high
fat or high fiber foods, he isn't dealing with major stresses.  We use
Novolog and used it with NPH and it always did a good job of bringing BG's
down.  So, I am wondering if there are times when the insulin is just not
getting in for some reason.  How can you know?   Should we go with another
infusion set just to see if we get more consistent readings?  I am just not
sure and find myself second-guessing everytime I get a reading that doesn't
make sense.  Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

Debbie Crawford
Kendall, dx'd 11/99, Deltec Cozmo for 3 weeks
email @ redacted
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