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[IP] Ignorance of Ins. Co's. (rant) (billing for training - NOT)

>From SylStat:
[Just to let you know, our insurance (VER pro-pump) does not provide any $$ 
for any type of training so we have no access to a CDE or any kind of 
training person. When Josh started on his pump the RN from Dis is piss-poor 
to say the least and stayed here in our homw a whopping 20 minutes.]

When I got my Disetronic pumps 3 years ago, I had 3 hours of training, no
extra charge to me, not billed to insurance (as far as I know).  What I DO
know is that our local Disetronic Technial Resource (can't remember her
official title) has spent hours with me recently, helping me with basals and
Bgs - no charge, no billing.

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