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[IP] retinopathy and supplements

I have been through retina treatments- many.  I am very much into holistic
healing, so I spoke to my retina doc it.  He did mention shark cartlidge
(which helps arthritis as well).  I asked him about antioxidants, billberry,
and ginko biloba.  He told me it won't hurt.    I take shark cartlifge and
bilberry every day, as well as alpha lipoic acid.  I try to eat more foods
with antioxidants (I don't like taking so many supplements a day) such as
nuts, sunflower seeds, fruits, veggies, olive oil instead of veg. oil, and so
on.  There are also other popular claims about butcher's broom, but I've never
tried that. I do try to eat fish such as salmon (the essential fatty acids aid
the retina) more often.  Carrots for beta carotine and tomatoes for lutein.
Results have been excellent!
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