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[IP] that mother's day myth story

Actually,  I suspect the reporter may have accurately written what the 
family told him.  Given that the family of four was trying to make ends 
meet on the father's salary from McDonald's (which got even worse when 
he lost his job), I'm willing to bet that mom was not only cutting her 
insulin but also was not testing her blood sugar, ever.  I'll bet she 
really was in ketoacidosis, (note that she had cramps, which come with 
dehydration) and she may not have suspected that this was the issue - 
since she probably hadn't checked her sugar in forever.  Thus, she 
called the children to help, and they responded competently in the only 
way they had been trained - give sugar and call 911.    Quite frankly, 
the fluid in the orange juice may have helped, and while the sugar in 
the juice wouldn't help, I don't think it would actually hurt either.

Several real tragedies going on in the story.  This should not happen 
to anyone, let alone happen in the richest nation in the world.    Yet 
another example that rich does not mean civilized.

- Maria
pumpmom to Sigrid, 19 m.o.
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