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[IP] Anxiety

Hello Guy,

    I am not a crazy river maniac but, I am a newbie triathlete at the
golden age of 50.  No way should you consider giving up the sport.  I've
read Diabetic Athlete also. I have a similar problem wherebye, I can adjust
my basals  pretty easily when I swim, bike or run. However, when I am in an
actual race, the adreniline rush shoots my usual patterns way out of the
ball park.  My suggestion to you would be to experiement with setting a
temporary basal a little higher than your normal basal.  Set it for longer
than you expect your run to last.  You can always stop it at the end of your
ride but, it could be a hassle to have to reset it in the middle if it runs
out. Test as often as safely possible.  I've checked while riding my bike at
20mph.  It can be done. Be conservative with the increase at first then,
increase it if you end up too high.  I usually have to give myself a bolus
at the end of any workout after having lowered my basals for the event.  I
use a Bayer Dex Glucometer so I don't have to fool with inserting strips.  I
know there are other meters that do this but, Bayer is my preference.

Babs Moffett
Diagnosed 1963 pumping 5/03
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