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[IP] Anxiety

Sorry if this thread has been beaten to death, but I generally just lurk
around the digest pages, and don't catch everything.

I've been a diabetic since I was six (forty-three years) on MDI for most of
the (well) last twenty-three years.  Last year I started using the Paradigm
because of its water resistant/proof capabilities, which brings me to my

I'm a white water kayaker, not very good at it yet, but getting there.  The
river brings on some real anxiety , even if it's just flat water, until I
get on it.  Then, emotionally, eveything kind of flattens out and I'm pretty
much okay.

The anxiety brings out insulin resistance like you would not believe.  I'll
start a river session at maybe 150, after having eaten and bolused properly
(one for fifteen) for a meal, work my butt off on the river, and about
midpoint, when there's time for a break so I can test, my BG is up at 300+.
And my physical performance progressively degrades, I guess because of
oxygen uptake or lack of it because of high BG.  I've bolused lightly at
this point (2-3U), gone down the river to take out, retested and had pretty
normal BGs (100-140) after carrying my kayak up whatever hill is there to
the shuttle vehicles.

Are there any athletes or crazy river maniacs like me who experience similar
anxiety driven BG phenomena, and how do you deal with it?  I've read
Diabetic Athlete, cruised the web, and no-one seems able to answer my
question, other than to say drop the sport or get more relaxed before going
on the river, which, aside from a dose of valium, isn't going to happen.

The simple answer, I know, is to add insulin (but the BG isn't so bad to
start), and what about rapid absorption under muscular exertion, etc, and
the added anxiety THIS would cause.

Any answers? more questions? and thanks--Guy
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