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Re: [IP] Hip site and not using skin prep - woops

> realized I had  forgotten to use the IV Prep.  > My questions:  has anyone
forgotten to use skin prep
> before insertion and what did you do?  ...sort of
> made me want to avoid the hip though...
> Anna  (in Seattle)

Dear Prepless in Seattle,

Yes, I have done that, on the hip too, with no dire consequences. Just check
the tape regularly to make sure you are not "losing it." Anyway, if you
follow these posts for awhile, you find that among our thousands of members
there are all kinds of tools & tricks used, very much a YMMV thing.

After a couple years of abdomen-only insertions, I more recently starting
using the hips to give my tummy a break. Seemed to me the usual site areas
were getting a little tough. Like my endos always said when I was on MDI,
rotate, rotate, rotate....

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