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Re: [IP] RE: Exercise and Basal Rate

I think it has to do with the liver taking glucose back in. (That's not the 
technical term for it!)
But I think the glucose in the liver can get depleted with activity, and it 
takes something like 12-24 hours? to restore itself, so you would want to 
review your basal rates for at least 12 hours after.

Anyone care to elaborate more on this and say it right?

And then I've found that the effect of exercise seems to be accumulative so 
you have to eventually lower all your basals.

  I have tried lowering my basal for about 4 hours after exercising and do ok,
>but then the next morning, my fasting is between 45-60. I have even tried 
>before bed, but it does not raise the fasting sugars. Any suggestions?
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