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RE: [IP] Hip site and not using skin prep - woops


I tried two places on my abdomen and it hurt like crazy. I have used two
spots so far on my upper hip and it has been great. I don't feel it at

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Hi - just some newbie reports....today i decided to
try my hip for a site (only site three, so a little
nervous!) well, got it all inserted and realized I had
forgotten to use the IV Prep.  Doh!  Even though I had
just showered, I took it out and re inserted in my
abdomen - I had some blood on my hip and it was
already in the cannula when I pulled it out.
My questions:  has anyone forgotten to use skin prep
before insertion and what did you do?  And, I have
plenty of subcutaneous fat, but still managed to bleed
on the hip...maybe I should try sils instead of quick
sets or maybe it was just a coincedence....sort of
made me want to avoid the hip though...

Thanks in advance for any comments...I always
appreciate everyone's responses - this list is so

Anna  (in Seattle)
pumping since 05/08/03, paradigm)
dx'd 05/80, age 11

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