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Re: [IP] Humalog - was A. Joel Krueger

I use a Paradigm pump and I also use Humalog.  I have never had a problem
with crystallization or static electricity with the paradigm.  I think that
your cde has no clue what they are talking about.  I have used the Paradigm
since Oct. 2002 before that the 508 again with no problems.


> When I went to the diabetes center last Wednesday, and the cde seemed to
> want me to purchase a
> Paradigm, one of the first statements he made was that I should not use
> Humalog with the Paradigm due to crystallization problems. He also said you
> had to be careful of static electricity. I've been using Humalog with
> regular syringes ever since it came out and have never had any problems and
> the question to why Humalog would cause a problem in the Paradigm was never
> really explained to my satisfaction. The D-Tron Plus can use the Lilly
> cartridge and I haven't seen anyone on this list complain of crystallization
> problems in this pump. He said you had to use Novalog in the Paradigm. I'm
> not a chemist, an electronic engineer nor a mechanic so I don't know what
> the problem is, just know the cde said NOT to use Humalog in the Paradigm,
> only Novalog. I can only restate what was said to me.
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