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Re: [IP] Diagnosis, Denial & more myths

    Thank you for sharing that story....I thought it was so important that I 
shared it with the communications staff at JDRF & added the following 
comments of my own....
     This is a VERY common, growing & frustrating problem for families 
dealing with diabetes. I have no idea how to dispel the myths & 
misperceptions (hmmm...think the NY Times would be interested in an ACCURATE 
front-page story!!) .....
      Our Gala chair also told me that at Easter, her daughter's bgs were 
high, so she corrected etc , gave extra insulin & allowed Haley to have ice 
cream with her cousins. She later learned that a relative had muttered "child 
abuse" under his breath upon seeing her give the child that ice cream. 
     Also, Children's Hospital, which never saw a type 2 child 5 yrs ago, now 
has 1/3 of their admissions for type 2 kids. A newly dx'd mom told me her 7 
yr old's roommate was a 15 yr old black teen, dx'd with type 2 three years 
ago & told to control it with diet/xercise....Now the overweight teen is 
hospitalized & being put on insulin .....Sad? - VERY, but what unnerves me is 
that the overworked, understaffed ped endos and nurses' already limited time 
for teaching the type 1 patients is being further diminished.....and the 
"confusion" amongst a misinformed public only worsens......if "children" ARE 
being treated with diet/exercise/oral meds, and if we can't make the public 
understand WHY, then I fear the "muddied waters" will become so clouded that 
it will impact fund-raising too.....If people can't "SEE" our reality, it 
becomes very easy to "pretend" it's not there & not help out in trying to 
"cure" something that they think WE have control over, through lifestyle 
Renee - pump mom to Melissa ( who NOW understands what compelled me to wear 
my pink Race for the Cure baseball cap over my bald head when I went to the 
supermarket....did it make people "uncomfortable"? probably....but then 
again, they need to SEE and to KNOW....and they need to KNOW that thanks to 
research,. there are now so many women, like me, surviving breast cancer, 
that I didn't get a pink T shirt at Sunday's Race for the Cure because they 
had run out!!!.......)
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