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Re: [IP] Diagnosis of a young child (kinda long)

Hey Gina,

Tell your friend to snap out of it and face reality.  HER SON NEEDS INSULIN 
NOW.  My son was 2.5 when he got his first shot.  With diabetes, taking an 
insulin shot is the easiest part.

Been there, done that,

>From: Gina Gracey <email @ redacted>
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>Subject: [IP] Diagnosis of a young child (kinda long)
>Date: Tue, 13 May 2003 23:34:24 -0400
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>I just want to share with you some information my sister-in-law told
>me over Easter.
>It seems that a friend of her son's has been diagnosed with T1.  OK,
>so no big deal, he is 5.  Well, she just can't believe that they would
>put him on insulin at such a young age.
>She wanted to know at what age I started on insulin and how they found
>that I had the disease.  I proceeded to inform her that insulin is the
>ONLY way to control T1 and that no matter what age, young or old, that
>the person WILL be started either on MDI or a pump, and most likely,
>will have to start on MDI until they can be approved for the pump.
>I also informed her that I was 13 when I was diagnosed and the
>symptoms I was having (I was 13 at the time and went in for a routine
>physical and had to pee in the cup and had blood drawn).  The next day
>I found myself being taken out of school and my parents explained what
>was happening on the way to the hospital).  My BG was 854 and I was 4+
>on ketones.
>I was started on insulin immediately and found myself experiencing my
>1st low that same night.  I was not released from the hospital until I
>gave my own shot.
>I continued to explain to Diane how the child will have to poke his
>finger or arm several times a day and learn about his new disease, but
>that it is not the end of the world for this little guy.
>She just can't believe that they would start such a young child on
>insulin?  Well, why not?  She says he is too young, Do you want him to
>succeed in life or die before he turns 6?  Well, yes she wants him to
>succeed and can't understand why he would die?  I try to explain to
>her the effects of carbs and sugars on the system and what insulin and
>the pancreas do, still she is dumbfounded and cannot understand how
>this little guy is going to manage later in life.
>It is this mentality that endangers us all!!
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