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Re: [IP] Diagnosis of a young child (kinda long)

tell your friend I was 3 years old and with into a coma.  This was on my 3rd
birthday.  I went on  insulin that day and have use insulin every day of my
life for the past 50 years.  Without insulin I would have diedd in less then
24 hours.  I grow up that childern a good job and Live an interesting life.
All because I took insulin by shot until 5 years ago when I went on the
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Subject: [IP] Diagnosis of a young child (kinda long)

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> I just want to share with you some information my sister-in-law told
> me over Easter.
> It seems that a friend of her son's has been diagnosed with T1.  OK,
> so no big deal, he is 5.  Well, she just can't believe that they would
> put him on insulin at such a young age.
> She wanted to know at what age I started on insulin and how they found
> that I had the disease.  I proceeded to inform her that insulin is the
> ONLY way to control T1 and that no matter what age, young or old, that
> the person WILL be started either on MDI or a pump, and most likely,
> will have to start on MDI until they can be approved for the pump.
> I also informed her that I was 13 when I was diagnosed and the
> symptoms I was having (I was 13 at the time and went in for a routine
> physical and had to pee in the cup and had blood drawn).  The next day
> I found myself being taken out of school and my parents explained what
> was happening on the way to the hospital).  My BG was 854 and I was 4+
> on ketones.
> I was started on insulin immediately and found myself experiencing my
> 1st low that same night.  I was not released from the hospital until I
> gave my own shot.
> I continued to explain to Diane how the child will have to poke his
> finger or arm several times a day and learn about his new disease, but
> that it is not the end of the world for this little guy.
> She just can't believe that they would start such a young child on
> insulin?  Well, why not?  She says he is too young, Do you want him to
> succeed in life or die before he turns 6?  Well, yes she wants him to
> succeed and can't understand why he would die?  I try to explain to
> her the effects of carbs and sugars on the system and what insulin and
> the pancreas do, still she is dumbfounded and cannot understand how
> this little guy is going to manage later in life.
> It is this mentality that endangers us all!!
> Gina
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