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RE: [IP] Humalog - was A. Joel Krueger

When I went to the diabetes center last Wednesday, and the cde seemed to
want me to purchase a
Paradigm, one of the first statements he made was that I should not use
Humalog with the Paradigm due to crystallization problems. He also said you
had to be careful of static electricity. I've been using Humalog with
regular syringes ever since it came out and have never had any problems and
the question to why Humalog would cause a problem in the Paradigm was never
really explained to my satisfaction. The D-Tron Plus can use the Lilly
cartridge and I haven't seen anyone on this list complain of crystallization
problems in this pump. He said you had to use Novalog in the Paradigm. I'm
not a chemist, an electronic engineer nor a mechanic so I don't know what
the problem is, just know the cde said NOT to use Humalog in the Paradigm,
only Novalog. I can only restate what was said to me.


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>>>I spoke with a salesman last Thursday at your company asking questions
about the Paradigm. Whoever it was didn't know the first thing about that
particular pump. He didn't know the difference between a luer lock and a
proprietary and a number of other things, such as why you have to be so
careful about static electricity and not to use Humalog. >>>

I must have missed something - what about not using Humalog???? Why??

5-yr Humalog user in 507C

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