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RE: [IP] Medicare

>medicare pays for all my insulin....just get you dr. to approve

	Medicare does not pay for ALL of your insulin.  First of all you need to be
on an insulin pump in order to even qualify for any type of payment. Second
of all, Medicare only pays 80% and unless you have secondary insurance, you
pay the 20%.

	And you need more than a note from your doctor.  Medicare requires a
Physician's Work Order to be filled out every three months listing all of
your needs ie:  pump supplies, lancets, test strips, etc. etc.

	They also require that you see your doctor every three months.

	It is not regular medicare either.  it has to go under durable medical

	And what's with Medicare paying for two pumps?  I got mine in Dec. 2000 and
they only paid for one and it was rented and it was a refurbished one at

	Kathy Bruckmeyer
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