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[IP] Vitrectomy Report

I arrived at the Arizona Ophthalmic Outpatient Surgery about 12:45, and 
I was home by 3:00. They had told me I would be getting a general 
anesthetic, but the nurse who prepared me for the surgery informed me 
that I would be getting a local. That was fine with me. They put lots of 
different drops into the eye, and the anesthesiologist administered an 
"eye block", which I was told would knock me out for a minute or two, 
but if I went out at all, I'd be surprised to hear it.  I'm going to do 
a little research to try and find out what the "eye block" actually is.

It was 1:50 when they rolled me into surgery. They placed a large drape 
over my head/face, with a hole for the left eye where the surgeon would 
be working. I never felt anything, but I was aware of changes in the 
visual field as the surgeon did his work.

I was out of surgery about 2:30, with a bandage over my left eye. It 
stays in place until sometime tomorrow morning, when the visiting nurse 
from the surgeon's staff comes to my home.

My BG was dropping all morning, peaking after breakfast around 172 at 
8:15 (basal was only 0.2 u/hr. By 11:00 BG was down to 105, so I put 
myself on a temp basal of 0.0 for two hours, thinking maybe I had 
stumbled on a cure after 60 years. At 1:00 it was still 105 and I 
encouraged the nurse to push it up with some IV dextrose (Ringer's). At 
2:30 coming out of surgery it was 177 after using 1/10 of the 500 ml bag 
of dextrose. I was a little bit afraid of using the temp basal of 0.0. I 
realized that it might  cause an occlusion to form, but the 508 worked 
fine on 0.0 for two hours.

The AOOS seems quite tolerant and understanding about pumps. I had two 
cataracts removed there last October and November.

I had arranged with Kelsey Metcalf to meet me at the AOOS in case the 
general anesthetic (which I didn't get) gave me any problems in testing 
my BG. She didn't have to do any testing or bolusing, but I was very 
glad to have a pumper there to help if any help was needed. And Kelsey 
gave me a ride home.

Tom Beatson
dx 12/1942, 506 1995, 508 2000
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