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Re: [IP] Rachel Jauregu story

> What kind of a journalist wrote this inaccurate piece of drivel??? <snip>
> If she was so stupid as to think that JUICE was the answer to
> her high blood sugar problem, then she has a lot more problems than god
> solve right now.  She needs EDUCATION...and sadly, this story does NOTHING
> that area

My suspicion is that Rachel is not the problem in this story.  Someone else
suggested she may have been skimping on checking her sugars, NOT on insulin.
That makes a lot more sense to me as a reasonable explanation for what
happened.  (It would also do a better job of saving money, since the strips
cost so much more than everything else!)

I think the problem in this story is the journalist.  You asked what kind of
journalist wrote that drivel?  A short answer would be an incredibly
irresponsible one.  I'll speculate further that she was pressed for time,
and didn't research the subject, diabetes, adequately before writing her

I SURE HOPE the paper does something to rectify this story.  Unfortunately,
though, it won't make up for all the people who read the initial article and
don't read the correction.

Jan, please keep us informed if they do!

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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