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Re: [IP] After Warranty Is Up

I usually started with my doctor's office, but, provided that your doctor is
supportive, you could probably contact the pump company first.  Chances are
very good that I'll go that route next time around.

The pump company will likely do all the negotiations with the insurance
company necessary to get it approved for you.  Your doctor will have to
supply a letter of medical necessity and some other paperwork from your file
to get the ins. co. to approve it.

I would urge you, however, to do some thorough checking before selecting
your pump.  Don't just assume you are going with a particular company's
pump; check them all out.  I found it helpful to do some insulin trials with
several of the choices I considered.

You're going to be stuck with your pump for four plus years; you may as well
be happy with your choice and certain that you've made the right one.

But, as Michael said, replacement at this point really isn't necessary.
Both of my pumps lasted well beyond five or six years and didn't die.  I
expect to be seeing the replacement for my current model in a week or two,
and I probably wouldn't be in the big hurry to get it that I am if my
insurance weren't changing to something with a $2500 cap on DME coverage.

I personally found it hard to justify, back when my insurance covered 80%,
paying $1200 on a replacement for a pump that was working just fine.  (Not
to say that that is necessarily wrong, just that it wouldn't have been wise
for me with my particular financial considerations.)

But, as I said, thorough research involving possible trials is advisable, so
you may want to contact the various companies regardless of when a
replacement is planned.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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