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Re: [IP] Rachel Jauregu story

SSP makes some good points but here is something that popped into my head. 

We know she was definately "out of it" - either by being too high or too low. 

 Alledgedly she called out for juice and came around with it indicating a LOW -
not a high.

 Yet in the story she says that she was limiting her insulin. Maybe she HAD been
doing this - but because of the resulting high BG's had tried for a correction -
overshot it and ended up low.

 Now here she is being interviewed, her kids being praised etc - so she pleads
her case to the public (after all - aren't the high cost of drugs continually in
the news?) hoping maybe someone could help her - which apparently they did.

 Just a funky theory come up with late in the day when I just want to go home
and let the cares of the world go away.

Linda & Dax
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