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[IP] Rachel Jauregu story

What kind of a journalist wrote this inaccurate piece of drivel???

I am all for informing the public about the "dangers" of diabetes, since I 
have been a type 1 diabetic for 29 years, and constantly have to put up with 
people's rude stares and insenstive comments when I test my blood in public, 
but to put in print a whole HOST of errors, is unacceptable!!!

If Rachel was stupidly rationing her insulin, meaning she was not taking 
enough to keep her blood sugars in a normal range (which, in case you want to 
know, is about 80-120), she would be HIGH and would NOT have needed juice.  
If you are going to take LESS insulin, you have to eat less food, get more 
exercise, and if you are a smart, reasonable intelligent person, you will 
call your doctor and ask for HELP in securing medical supplies!  If she was 
in diabetic ketoacidosis, as reported in this story, her blood sugar would be 
so supremely high that nothing BUT insulin could have helped her.  In fact, 
her children probably only made the problem WORSE by giving her the 
strawberry syrup!  Calling the paramedics is what helped, NOT the syrup.  

Without insulin, the body can NOT metabolize the sugars floating around in 
the blood stream.  So simply giving a diabetic JUICE can do more harm than 
good, and printing this story like this, probably did the same.  I am glad 
she is ok and a donor got her some insulin, but if Rachel really wanted to 
teach her kids something, she would have set an example by taking PROPER care 
of herself.  She would have regularly tested her blood sugar so she KNEW she 
was getting into a dangerous level with constant high blood sugars.  She 
could have taught her sons how to test her blood as well.  My 3 year old 
nephew used to watch me take mine, and was able to do his own after only 
watching 4 times!

Rachel has been diabetic for 7 years.  That is MORE than enough time to learn 
about all the resources there are to people with diabetes, as well as the 
dangers of NOT taking the insulin.  If a doctor prescribes something, it is 
usually because you NEED it!  You can not ration insulin, like you do with 
leftover easter candy, or water during times of drought...You eat, you take 
the determined amount of insulin. Period.  There is no discussion about it, 
or you go into DKA!  

She says she blacked out, but she remembers she couldn't see and that her 
ears were ringing.  she remembers not being able to swallow...she remembers 
calling out to god.  so which is it?  unconscious or not?  Did she go into a 
twitching "fit" like so many un-informed readers might suppose??

God does not always provide, so one must be prepared to take care of one's 
own self.  There are organizations who will donate needed medical supplies, 
INCLUDING insulin, if you just open your eyes, and mouth, to look and ask for 

If Rachel was "hedging her bets" with the insulin, and "hoping" things would 
turn around, I wonder what else she was compromising in terms of caring for 
her children!...If she was so stupid as to think that JUICE was the answer to 
her high blood sugar problem, then she has a lot more problems than god can 
solve right now.  She needs EDUCATION...and sadly, this story does NOTHING in 
that area

Bleah....this whole thing makes my blood sugar soar...good thing I know how 
to take care of it.

Sara Falconer
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