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Re: [IP] To pump or not to pump

>  Question - Is there is any medical reason (convenience does not matter)
> using the pump when Lantus (I think) seems to mimic what a pump will do?
> researched this, but haven't found a clear answer.

Do bear in mind, John, that the perspective here will, of course, be
decidedly pro-pump.

I am not type 2, but can answer your question comparing both Lantus and the
pump to the action of the pancreas.  The chief advantage of the pump is that
few people need a perfectly level, or nearly so, amount of basal insulin
throughout the day.  They need more some times (like in the early morning
hours, for instance) and less at other times.

The main question for you, in determining which treatment to use, would be
this:  Do you struggle with lots of highs or lows on Lantus?  Or are your
blood sugars pretty good the way things are?

If you are satisfied with the treatment and the quality of results you
presently have and wish not to rock the boat, then there is no need to pump
just to please your doctor.  But if you would like to level those sugars a
bit (which will require some tweaking, but can be done), then go for the

I can't tell you for sure what is right for you, but I can tell you this:
Having experienced both pumping and MDI, I would NEVER voluntarily go back
to MDI.  No matter how much they've improved long acting insulins since I
used them, they still couldn't compare to the freedom the pump offers.  I
see MDI as a step back in the wrong direction.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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