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RE: [IP] RE: To pump or not to pump

Somehow I think that the high glucose, whether constant or intermittent,
contributes to pain...it certainly aggravates something rather nastily! I
would imagine that better, more even control simply adds to the feeling of
well-being and I hope to get there one of these days. I know I am willing to
put lots of effort into this new adventure as I do not like having the blood
sugars getting the upper hand, period....I rather hate having someone else
telling me how I'm going to feel and if I can't get the upper hand with
Lantus and Humalog then we call in the big guns!

So nice to hear the raves about the pumps and even someone who gets those
lousy headaches. When I was a kid, undiagnosed, I was always told they were
"thyroid headaches"....well, not so.


hi margo,

actually it was a catch22 for me.. almost like which comes first
the chicken or the egg :-)

if my bG was high, my pain increased (poor carb management, opps)
then again, if i was too active which resulted in more pain, this would
send my bG's up as well. i could shoot novolog all day long but until
i took a naproxen for the swelling and morphine for pain, the novolog
didn't work it seemed. i did many tests. no naprox i would get a 10-15pt
drop in a hour from 1u, with naprox get a 50-75pt in 1hr. oh yes, i know
about the constant 400-500's.. with the massive headaches.

now it seems while pumping, pain isn't a real factor any longer, i was
quite active over the weekend, had alot of pain, didn't take any meds to
see what would happen with the pump. when i was unable to move, i
tested a fantastic 81!

pumping for me has been a complete God send.
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