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Re: [IP] RE: To pump or not to pump

hi margo,

actually it was a catch22 for me.. almost like which comes first
the chicken or the egg :-)

if my bG was high, my pain increased (poor carb management, opps)
then again, if i was too active which resulted in more pain, this would
send my bG's up as well. i could shoot novolog all day long but until
i took a naproxen for the swelling and morphine for pain, the novolog
didn't work it seemed. i did many tests. no naprox i would get a 10-15pt
drop in a hour from 1u, with naprox get a 50-75pt in 1hr. oh yes, i know
about the constant 400-500's.. with the massive headaches.

now it seems while pumping, pain isn't a real factor any longer, i was
quite active over the weekend, had alot of pain, didn't take any meds to
see what would happen with the pump. when i was unable to move, i
tested a fantastic 81!

pumping for me has been a complete God send.
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> I'm loving to hear everyone praise the pump so much. I'm also kicking
> for not listening to my endocrinologist and trying it sooner. Did you find
> that high sugars aggravated pain? I have fusions in my neck and get muscle
> spasms and resultant headaches but any readings over 200 and it sure
> to get worse. I hit 527 a number of weeks ago and the headache was just
> awful.
> Margo
> > Margo
> As a new pumper myself, I have to totally agree with the past two posts. I
> also am classed as a T1, but produce a small amount of insulin still
> I was taking Lantus (18u a night) and Novolog (10:1 ratio) most times I
> couldn't achieve numbers lower then 200 at anytime. I also have chronic
> problems/pain. Since pumping in 3.5weeks I've seen my first sets of 80's
> since I was diagnosed almost 3yrs ago. Lantus didn't cover me for the full
> 24hrs, I even tried 2 split doses and for a month 3 splits with it, no
> I only convienced myself pumping was what I needed when I shot Novolog for
> month, every 1hr (lol thank god i'm an at home mom) was I able to get into
> the 120's and stay there.
> I told my husband, for me to give up pumping, i'll have to be 6ft under
> this point on!
> RK.
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