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RE: [IP] RE: To pump or not to pump

I'm loving to hear everyone praise the pump so much. I'm also kicking myself
for not listening to my endocrinologist and trying it sooner. Did you find
that high sugars aggravated pain? I have fusions in my neck and get muscle
spasms and resultant headaches but any readings over 200 and it sure starts
to get worse. I hit 527 a number of weeks ago and the headache was just


> Margo

As a new pumper myself, I have to totally agree with the past two posts. I
also am classed as a T1, but produce a small amount of insulin still myself.
I was taking Lantus (18u a night) and Novolog (10:1 ratio) most times I
couldn't achieve numbers lower then 200 at anytime. I also have chronic back
problems/pain. Since pumping in 3.5weeks I've seen my first sets of 80's
since I was diagnosed almost 3yrs ago. Lantus didn't cover me for the full
24hrs, I even tried 2 split doses and for a month 3 splits with it, no help.
I only convienced myself pumping was what I needed when I shot Novolog for 1
month, every 1hr (lol thank god i'm an at home mom) was I able to get into
the 120's and stay there.

I told my husband, for me to give up pumping, i'll have to be 6ft under from
this point on!

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