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RE: [IP] RE: To pump or not to pump

I couldn't agree more with what Scott has written here and I am looking
forward to using a pump for a number of reasons, one being to rid myself of
the early-morning highs and to be able to make adjustments if the need
arise. Everyone is different and I happen to be able to get the 24 hour
coverage from the Lantus but my diabetic dog does not. I do believe the use
of Lantus and Humalog or Novalog is the next best thing to a pump, certainly
better than my experience with the older-type insulins such as Lente,
Ultralente or Regular. I found the Lantus and Humalog to be so much more
consistent in their actions but you still have to deal with the issues Scott
has written about so well.

If you decide not to change to a pump you might want to discuss a different
way of using the Lantus with your doctor. For the dog, I had to go see my
endocrinologist to get information concerning the use of Lantus in dogs as
my vet wasn't able to find any, even though these animals are used in
research. My doctor said they were beginning to split the Lantus for people
who were not getting the full 24 hour coverage from it. The dog is now on a
split dose of the Lantus and finally doing great! I'm on the one shot but it
only does so much.

Also, I have read more and more where the medical community is using the
pumps for Type II diabetes, allowing for better control. It's basically
between you and your doctor on what you decide to do. I am not a Type II but
I do produce a small, small amount of insulin and I am really looking
forward to gaining better control.


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There are a number of medical reasons why Lantus does not truly mimic what a
pump is capable of accommodating.  Whe>

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