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Re: [IP] TRICARE (After Warranty Is Up)


  Where do you live?  The reason I ask is that each regionional office of 
Tricare is different.  Up here in WA state the NW region is very PRO-pump.  
However, they do not consider the warranty running out as a reason for 
getting a new pump.  They consider the pump no longer functional as a reason 
for getting a new one or upgrading.  There are certain circumstances where 
they may consider allowing someone to upgrade but you have to send a letter 
to the regional directing MD as part of the application process.  We are 
trying to upgrade Josh from the Dis H-Tron+ to the Cozmo.  He has been 
pumping almost 3.5 years.  We really love the H-Tron+ pumps but they are very 
basic models and do not allow for multiple basal profiles or small increments 
in both basals and bolusing.  With puberty in affect now some of these things 
would be really nice.  The Directing MD actually called me and said that he 
may actually consider the upgrade when our endo sends in the lettr of 
necessity.  We are waiting for the Deltec Cozmo contract for Tricare to be 
signed later this month and the letter will go in.

Good Luck!

mom to Joshua
hubby is retired Navy so we are Tricare Prime
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