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Re: [IP] Reply I rec'd to Myth Story

> The Tribune writer responded to my post. She was very defensive,


I sent a letter, too, in a different vein.  My basic point was that the
article was unclear about which kind of diabetic crisis event the woman was
having, and that, while it majored on the emotionalism of the story, was
totally lacking in the factual department.  I said that was not good for
journalism at all.

I suspect I'm going to madden the author if she was defensive toward your
reply.  Sue mentioned that several of us needed to write, and I hope others
do.  The best hope we can have is that enough people respond to catch the
editor's attention so that a clarification is given.

I don't feel a great need to educate the masses on the particulars of
diabetes; but I *am* upset when the particulars given in a publication like
that, a newspaper, are totally incorrect.  If people are going to read about
diabetes, they can, at the very least, read the truth!

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