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RE: [IP] To pump or not to pump

I take Lantus and Humalog and Lantus cannot mimic the fine-tuning that a
pump can do, especially if you have early morning highs. I've had enough of
the multiple daily injections and my doctor had suggested the pump a number
of years ago, however, I thought I could just live with all the shots. When
allergy season hit this year my blood glucose control went berserk and I
went from a usual 6.2 to an 8.9 with the HbA1c. Even though I increased the
dosages and had to increase the number of injections per day I found it very
difficult, if not impossible, to stay in control.

I think that most people that use insulin pumps, whether they are Type I or
Type II, would not go back to all the injections.


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 I am a type II insulin dependent diabetic, using Novalog and Lantis.
acceptable A1C. I do produce insulin.

Doc has recommended using a pump.
 Question - Is there is any medical reason (convenience does not matter) for
using the pump when Lantus (I think) seems to mimic what a pump will do?
researched this, but haven't found a clear answer.

Any comments?



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