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Re: [IP] To pump or not to pump

> .Question - Is there is any medical reason (convenience does not matter) for
> using the pump when Lantus (I think) seems to mimic  a pump

 I too am a Type 2 insulin insufficient. I too have some insulin, beta cells
in unexpectedly sometimes pre-pump & on pump.
I too was on Lantus & Novolog, A1c 6.8.  Boy, I really had to struggle to get
 that! I was very hungry, very out of energy, had gained back weight. Felt great
with the more Lantus I took!
 When pumping, once basals set, you feel great,It takes time. You do not have to
 eat unless you want, or if your meter says you are headed too low. Counting
using an insulin/carb ratio unique to you, you cover with a bolus.
Testing alot is a must, with a pump, you have more control.
With Lantus, the basal is there.  With a pump, you can shut it off.
Give yourself time to learn pump of your choice, alot of trial & err.
 No need to carry insulin & syringes then shooting. (I was doing 5-8 a day,
alot.  You change your site about every 3-4 days, more often or not as need be.
This is more than you asked for!  Go for it!  Linda K
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