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Re: [IP] Correcting for jet lag -

>This is for all you world travellers out there --- When my daughter goes 
>to Europe this summer - what should she do when she first gets there (and 
>then when she returns home)? Should she change her pump to local time and 
>change the basals to match local time? Any advice? Testing a little more 
>frequently until things are on an even keel goes without saying.
>ThanksLiz B.

I change my time when I get there, the basals just automatically follow 
along.  I have found, for me, that the sooner I get on the new schedule, 
the better off I am.  This is anytime I fly to a different time zone, 
whether overseas or not.  YMMV.  I also agree about checking frequently 
until everything seems to stabilize.  I hope she has a wonderful trip!  :o)

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