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Re: [IP] Flying

At 04:59 PM 5/12/03, insulin-pumpers-digest wrote:
>Hello Mario!  I just flew American Airlines in March.  They ask that I
>call their 800 number to let them know I'm a pumping diabetic and what
>flight/s I'll be on.  Sometimes I've been asked to suspend the pump's
>operation during takeoff and landing.  They only ask I pack the insulin
>bottle's box complete with pharmacy Rx label, but no one's ever asked to
>see it.  And like everyone you're prob'ly going to hear from, I say KEEP
>YOUR INSULIN & SUPPLIES WITH YOU!  Since you have a medical condition,
>you get to carry an extra carry-on bag.  That means you get your regular
>carry-on bag (#1), a purse or second carry-on bag (#2) AND the medical
>carry-on bag (#3).  Hope you're flying for fun.
>joyce ... dob 11/1952;dxd 2/1968; ip 2/2001

Hmmm, I've never called to tell anyone at an airlines (who has no clue) 
about my pump or my diabetes.  Why on earth would you have to suspend?  Do 
you remove the batteries too?  That pump is still electronic and basically 
running as long as the batteries are in it.  Just goes to show, they don't 
have a clue.  I've packed my insulin in a pharmacy bottle (thanks Sara SP 
and Jan Chait for that suggestion) with my prescription on it.  I even took 
it out of my bag this last time and told the security guard that I didn't 
want it to go through the x-ray.  He took it around the scanner, looked at 
the prescription and the insulin bottle and then handed it back to me.  I 
follow Sara SP's "don't ask, don't tell" policy for the most part.  I've 
never been stopped or questioned during security.  I also flew a couple 
weeks ago, with all my jewelry (medical bracelet, metal watch, earrings, 
rings, and metal eyeglasses) on and never triggered the scanner alarm.  Go 
figure.  And I do agree, carry diabetes supplies with you in your carry-on 
bag.  Do not pack all of them in your checked luggage.  If you need 
something during flight, you'll have it available.  I personally don't 
carry a "medical carry-on bag", I've got enough junk to carry around that 
airport, don't need one more bag, two are enough for all my needs. YMMV.

who enjoyed her visit to see Sara SP very much.  :o)
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