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[IP] Hypo on Saturday

Well, I did it again. I had been fighting hypos half the day on Friday.
Sometimes at the start of my period this seems to happen, but not
consistently. I corrected a hypo with 25 grams of carbs before bed time, but
did not lower my basal as I should have. When my husband woke up on Saturday
morning, he found me half-conscious. He tested me and found out I was at 13. I
think that's a new low for me. He was trying to take care of our crying two
year old son and get me to drink juice. I was fighting him and mumbling about
wanting to go back to sleep. He tried to get me to sit up and I leaned over
and bit him hard in the center of his chest.
He didn't know quite what to do then so he called my mother. My mother sternly
told me to drink the juice. I started to and my mother-in-law came over from
down the block to watch the baby while they got me drinking.
So by the time I came around to where I knew what was happening, my mother and
my mother-in-law where both there (my mom had been coming over to go shopping
with me anyway) and my husband had a huge teeth shaped bruise on his chest.
I get so embarrassed when this type of thing happens. I don't like being out
of control and having to have other people take care of me. I was independent
so long as a teenager (of course, that was when I just ran high all the time
on MDI) that this seems like such a blow to my self-esteem.
Join me in yelling, "I HATE THIS DISEASE".

Okay, pity party over now.

Sherry C
>From the massive city of Bowling Green, KY
Where at least this time no paramedics came to entertain my neighbors at their
front yard tiki torch party.
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