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Re: [IP] Minimed Billing--Whose Problem Is It?

Hi Laura
The same stuff has happened to me. I think it's really the HMO's and MM 
responsibility to work with each other to resolve things. They are the ones 
who hold contracts with each other and you really can't do anything to 
affect the arrangements they have. But in my experience, it's never 
happened. The only way things got resolved is the "Wrath of Paul" my 
husband who is so tenacious that the insurance company and MiniMed 
eventually solved the problem because they couldn't stand having to deal 
with my husband everyday. Sometimes you just have to be like that.

The companies have very specific ways of doing things. For example, I used 
to order online from MiniMed and then file an insurance claim on my own. 
Then we changed to some other insurance and the form for insurance had to 
be filed at the time of ordering, or else another price was used. The price 
that the insurance company gets from MM and the price that a regular 
customer gets from MM, are astronomically different. It's almost impossible 
to go back and have them process insurance because they already charged the 
other price. It's such an incredible mess.  They will never solve it if you 
do not get involved.

All:  I'm not trying to start a war, but my HMO and Minimed issues never get
>resolved.  The last HMO couldn't get any MM patient's supplies paid for nearly
>a year.  The medical supply house had to arrange a special meeting with MM in
>order to get our bills paid.
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