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Re: [IP] reordering infusion sets and resivoirs

 I was told that to re-order supplies I had to call the 1-800 the first time
through MM and then I could do it online after that. I was told that I had to
order through them since my insurance company has agreed to pay them (MM) for
the supplies. At least what I was told, may not be the case for all.April

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HI all,
I have a question but I am still new at this. I was wondering how to reorder 
supplies for my paradigm. If diabetic supplies are covered as a DME through my 
insurance will Minimed bill them for it or do I have to pay cash up front? or 
can I get them through my pharmacy with a script from my Dr. I'm hoping that 
the answer is that this is coming out of my pocket! Do we have to get supplies 
through Minimed or can it be treated like a prescription at a pharmacy?
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