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Re: [IP] reordering infusion sets and resivoirs

 Totally depends on your insurance - mine required that I pay upfront and send
in receipts - luckily my pharmacy agreed to give me the stuff without payment
and they send the receipts in on our behalf and the cheque is sent to us and we
forward it to insurance. This has been really great as it saves us the trouble
of coming up with a few $ hundred and waiting 2 weeks to get it back
 My insurance pays directly to the pharmacy for all other D supplies and
presriptions, just not pump supplies. Except lancets for some reason we have to
pay and send in receipts for those.

 If you know your pharmacy well see if they can help you out. They should have
no problem ordering in supplies for you its just a matter of working out

Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)
Pumping Nov.12/02 - Blue Paradigm

> HI all,
> I have a question but I am still new at this. I was wondering how 
> to reorder 
> supplies for my paradigm. If diabetic supplies are covered as a 
> DME through my 
> insurance will Minimed bill them for it or do I have to pay cash 
> up front? or 
> can I get them through my pharmacy with a script from my Dr. I'm 
> hoping that 
> the answer is that this is coming out of my pocket! Do we have to 
> get supplies 
> through Minimed or can it be treated like a prescription at a 
> pharmacy?Thanks
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