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Re: [IP] Minimed Billing--Whose Problem Is It?

I'm not sure but I have always been under the impression that the patient is 
ultimately responsible for all bills incurred for their care.  It is usually 
in fine print somewhere on most company's statements.  Anyway, since MM sent 
you a bill and not your insurance company, why not photocopy that bill and 
keep the copy and forward the bill on to your insurance company for this 
time.  If this continues to happen contact the insurance folks at MM and let 
them know about the problem and even better would be to write a letter....NOT 
an email...and send it certified receipt return and keep copies of 
everything.  IF the problem persists you then have a paper trail to use 
against MM for their negligence in fullfilling their end of the deal by 
billing the insurance company.  PAPER TRAILS....we hate having to do it but 
sometimes it is really necessary!!

Just my opinon, of course!

mom to Joshua
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