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[IP] Flying

Flying In a message dated 5/12/03 12:19:42 AM, Mario writes: >I am going
to be flying next week, and I was wondering what the best way >to >carry
my extra supplies is. Should I put them in my checked bags? Also, >with
>insulin, do I just need to have the bottle in the box with the original
>pharmacy label on it?

Hello Mario!  I just flew American Airlines in March.  They ask that I
call their 800 number to let them know I'm a pumping diabetic and what
flight/s I'll be on.  Sometimes I've been asked to suspend the pump's
operation during takeoff and landing.  They only ask I pack the insulin
bottle's box complete with pharmacy Rx label, but no one's ever asked to
see it.  And like everyone you're prob'ly going to hear from, I say KEEP
YOUR INSULIN & SUPPLIES WITH YOU!  Since you have a medical condition,
you get to carry an extra carry-on bag.  That means you get your regular
carry-on bag (#1), a purse or second carry-on bag (#2) AND the medical
carry-on bag (#3).  Hope you're flying for fun.

joyce ... dob 11/1952;dxd 2/1968; ip 2/2001


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