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Re: RE: [IP] Re:ottawa costco and pump supplies

>  Its the fee you pay to have each and every prescription filled - it
> greatly at each pharmacy and is really something to pay attention to if
you pay
> out of pocket here I have seen it range from $2.50 - $14. My pharmacy is
> currently $6.47 which is pretty good considering their service is

$14?  ow!  i know (from having to talk to just about every pharmacy in the
ottawa catchment area) that the highest filling/dispensing fee around here
is probably about $12.  the lowest i found was $4.47.  if someone's on
ontario drug benefits there's some weird stuff with co-pays, and the
pharmacy will get $6.47 back on each.  i get confused though.  any ontario
pharmacists around here?

>  But really if your one of those people who are organized enough to get a
> supplies in one visit(I'm not) you get say 5 prescriptions filled that is
> anywhere from $25 - $70 thats alot of money

it is.  back before they realized i was a type 1, and they had me on 3
different meds, some at the max on each, filling fees just about killed me
until i insisted that i get a large supply - the doctor finally wrote me a
prescription giving me a much larger amount so that i wouldn't have to keep
going back and paying more dispensing fees.  (for example, they had me
taking 5 metformin a day, and even a 100 pill prescription meant i had to go
back in 20 days.  she wrote me up for 450 pills per filling)
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