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Re: [IP] Re:ottawa costco and pump supplies

>  But thats the price on the price list that came from medigas - I'm not
> what the actual exact price is as pharmacy handles the billing.

crazy.  then again, i use quicksets, so that's the only price i'm really
familiar with.
>  I don't study! I start school in the fall ( I waited till I was going to
be 21
> and kicked off my moms insurance and now I'm going for 4 years and will be
> covered till I'm 25!) I usually babysit during the week but my hours for a
> weeks are pretty lax(luckily) and next thing you know it'll be Summer and
> kids will be home and I'll be dying for a day off!!

:)  well, i'm still looking for a summer job, but the market here isn't
i'll be finished my degree come december, and then i'll be hunting for a job
that has benefits. :)  unless i get accepted to do my master's, in which
case i'll have to still find some work to pay for medical stuff.  it just
doesn't end!
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