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Re: [IP] ottawa costco and pump supplies

> > Whoa...this is something to definitely consider when thinking of moving
> Canada from the States.  In the meantime, I'm stocking up on supplies just
> case!

well, unless you're already a canadian citizen or have immigration status,
plus some other requirements, you are *not* eligible for ohip right off the
bat.  your workplace insurance may be able to cover you for most stuff
though. you may want to check out the provincial ministry of health web
pages for more information on provincial insurance, since there are
differences from province to province (although the insurance can be carried
from province to province).  the information for ontario's plan is at:

now, if you keep hunting through the faq's, you will find that if you are
going to be working in ontario - under a canadian employer - for at least 6
months, then you are included as having proper immigration status.  i'm
guessing that a lot of the provinces will have similar requirements.

see, the whole idea of the provincial insurance is that we, collectively as
a province and country, pay into the health care for the people of our
province and country (some money does come from the federal level, so we are
kinda sharing that, it gets confusing).   i know that some people don't like
the idea, but i feel it's essential to make sure that everyone, whether able
to work or not (age, health problems, mental illness, unemployment...) have
the same basic access to health care.  it doesn't work quite that way in
reality, but it's a nice dream.

where were you thinking of moving to in canada?  it's an awfully big place,
but each corner of it is really nice. :)

liz - ottawa, formerly known as bytown.
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