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Re: [IP] Re:ottawa costco and pump supplies

> Anna, I'm in BC and order my sets through Shopper's Drug Mart.  They order
> them from Medigas in Ottawa--the only supplier for MM products in
> are forgetting to add their 20% mark up onto the cost.  So I've been
> about $145 for a box of 10 Quick-sets, standard luer lock.  The price
> be $176, I've been told that by another pharmacy.  Don't know why Medigas
> would charge Liz even higher than that, unless the Paridigm sets are
>      Try to get a pharmacy to cut you a deal and lower their mark-up on
> sets, if you buy all your strips and insulin there too.  Also, at Shoppers
> get those points which can add up fast, I get about $150 per year in store
> credits.

actually, and this may be just for ontario, but mom looked at the list of
supplies at costco, which included the suggested retail price, which was
$196.50.  costco here in ottawa decided to charge $20 less than that.   i'd
tried a couple of shoppers drug marts to get supplies, but they wouldn't
bring them in for whatever reason, and the test strips and insulin are more
expensive there than at costco.  i'm not overburdened by feelings of guilt
for turning my back on a company that overcharges me, both on those products
as well as on filling fees.  $12 for a filling fee compared to $4.47 at
costco.  guess where i'm going.
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