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Re: [IP] Switching Insurance companies

>   I hate to break the bad news to you summer, but the health insurance
> industry, like every other form of insurance on this planet, is going in
> wrong direction from the perspective of the consumer.  If your moms'
> has changed to a new company and your coverage remains the same or even
> improves, consider yourself one of the lucky ones......I live in dread
> the company i work for is going to further erode my coverage.  I will
> pay the increase of premium cost that i am slammed with every year, but I
> be very upset when it gets to the point that coverage and riders will
start to
> change as well............

and even if your insurance company stays the same, it's no guarantee they're
going to keep things the same.  our student union thing must be rotten
negotiators or something, since our student insurance actually got worse
this past year.  go figure!
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