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Re: [IP] ottawa costco and pump supplies

> Liz, I'm from Montreal and we don't have a pharmacies in the Costcos' yet.
> My son will start pumping by the end of June.  If Costco is  cheaper at
> for a box of quicksets, what were you paying before and how much do you
> in a box.  Oh oh I think this pumping business is going to be more
> then I had first anticipated

it isn't cheap, that's for sure.  i was buying sets at medigas before, at
$196/box.  i know some people have been able to order through their
pharmacies at lower prices, but i was having troubles getting any pharmacy
around here to give me a straight answer on whether or not they could even
get them in, let alone prices.  i don't have a clue what the pharmacies in
montreal may be like, so you may want to ask around a little.
it may be a little expensive, this pumping business, but the results can be
worth far more than the cost.

liz - ottawa
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