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Re: [IP] ottawa costco and pump supplies

>  Its only covered if you have insurance. Its not like hospital stays and
> visits which are covered under (OHIP -Ontario Health Insurance Plan),
> every Ontario resident gets, or similar plans in other provinces. Medical
> supplies are covered under work insurance plans(or personal plans) and
even then
> it depends on the idividual plan itself. We don't all just get free meds
> were Canadians!

and personal plans are next to impossible to get if you already have
diabetes.  i have to pay almost everything out of pocket, since the
university insurance we have is rotten ($200/year for supplies, and they
won't pay for pump supplies), i don't have a job, and i'm way too old to be
on my parent's insurance plans (both have an age limit of 25 for children if
they're still in school).

some medications are covered by ohip, or by other social programs, but less
and less of them every year.  i'm of the strong opinion that we should have
test strips covered, at the very least, for both type 1 and type 2
diabetics, since we know very well that good control of blood sugars can
help (emphasis on the help) prevent future problems and complications, the
treatment of which would be covered by ohip, but at enormous cost (i mean,
think about it, how much does dialysis cost?).  it would be a little pricey
initially, but on the whole i think it would save us money in the long run.

liz - who knows she will end up using all her meagre dentist amount very
soon trying to fix some fillings that broke.  owwww!!!
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