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[IP] FW: NNF - Insulin Responses to Energy Bars

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Jim Handsfield
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> May 12, 2003
> "Nutrition news is important.  We help you understand it!"
> Today's Topic: Insulin Responses to Energy Bars
> Energy bars are big business.  There is no definition of an energy
> bar, but most of them are similar in composition to candy bars with
> more protein, vitamins, or minerals.  Some are made with different
> types or lower amounts of carbohydrates so that your blood insulin
> will not go up as much after eating one these compared with a regular
> snack bar.  Unfortunately for the manufacturers, this has now been
> tested.
> Twenty healthy young adults consumed standard amounts of each bar
> containing low, moderate or high carbohydrate.  Reducing carbohydrate
> in the bars led to lower amounts of blood sugar appearing over two
> hours, but insulin responses were not decreased to the same extent.
> This meant that the ratio of glucose to insulin was actually increased
> after eating these bars.  The study appeared in the February 25, 2003
> issue of Medical Science Monitor.
> < http://www.medscimonit.com/pub/vol_9/no_2/3230.pdf >
> HERE'S WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: Don't want your blood
> glucose and insulin to rise?  Eat a steak!  But remember that insulin
> is needed for your cells to utilize glucose; your brain and muscles
> prefer glucose as their fuel.  The Atkins brand bar omitted glycerin
> from the sources of carbohydrates (accounting for 50 Calories) even
> though this labeling is required by the U.S. Food and Drug
> Administration.  The Balance brand bar led to slight reductions in
> glucose but no drop in insulin, leading to a worse combined response
> than eating white bread.
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